Izometrická 3D mapa ČR / Isometric 3D map of Czech Republic

Main informations

CZ: For more detail info in Czech, see this page on wiki

Isometric map of Czech Republic (also known as OpenKýbl3DMap) is map from OpenStreetMap. Author is Aleš Janda [CZ] and it was provisioned in February 2010. For generating images is used POV-Ray renderer, for converting OSM data to POV-Ray format is used my own application.

This map is continuously regenerated from new data. Average age of one tile is about two weeks.

Generating map is simple loop:

Osm2Pov download

The convert application, osm2pov is available under GPL v3 and current development is in Git; get last version here:
http://github.com/guerda/osm2pov (or direct link to .tar.gz).
Application is primarily for using on Linux but it should work also on other systems like Windows.

There is README file where is documentation, usage, something about other programs for generation and how to create your own map server :-) Hope this would be useful.

See also changelog.

Improvements and making your own map

Any kind of improvement (map style of osm2pov code) is welcomed; if you have some questions, just ask me. If you are programmer, designer or advanced user, it would be great if you do some improvement. When you do some nice or use it somewhere, I will happy if you notify me about it :-)

Write me also in case of questions, ideas, prompts etc. Mail is ales dot janda @ kyblsoft dot cz.

Other projects

There is also some osm2pov unofficial forks; I watch this projects and merge improvements. All are also in GitHub.


If you like osm2pov or this map, you can donate development at bitcoin address 1AiYVVV2j39nZ8cq695fPEciP4zZU6kkuV

Aleš Janda